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Computer embroidery machine is popular in clothing schools! Nov 22, 2017

Computer embroidery machine is popular in clothing schools!

It is understood that the clothing schools generally opened computer embroidery studio in China.Placing an embroidery machine in the studio is for students to learn operating embroidery machine and study plate making so that the students can design exquisite embroidery patterns,learn more advanced embroidery products and management knowledge.

    With the increasing making technology of domestic textiles,the value of Chinese textiles have been greatly improved.Especially the popularity of computer embroidery machine and computer embroidery technology accelerated the speed and quality of textile embroidery, increased the price of textiles, and also reduced the cost of embroidery.At the same time,the whole computer embroidery technology greatly saves the working time and intensity of workers.The workers only put the materials into the machine to complete the all embroidery work in the direction of the computer.The process is simple,fast,saving time and efforts.