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The daily maintenance of embroidery machine Dec 06, 2017

The daily maintenance of embroidery machine

The knowledge of maintenance

         Cleaning parts                       interval time         Remarks

(1)Air filter net of the stepper motor drive box  once a week

(2)Air filter net of the power box             once a week

(3)Frame driving guide                     once a week

(4)Needle bar seat skateboarding groove    before adding oil

(5)Hook                                 before adding oil     clean with a brush

(6)Thread pick spring                         everyday  

Other parts

Maintenance parts and lubrication parts         interval time     

(1)Thread take-up gear                      a week

(2)Dalian bar and front and back metal parts   a week

(3)Slideway groove of needle bar seat         a week

(4)Slider section of needle bar                a week     

(5)Hook                               once a twice a day     

(6)Spindle gear                             a week                  

(7)Drive chain                        twice or thrice a month

(8)An active shaft driven by a needle rod       a week