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The reason which causes thread broken on the embroidery machine Nov 22, 2017

The reason which causes thread broken on the embroidery machine 

There are many factors that affect the thread break, to reduce thread break, the machine must be horizontal, stable, small jitter while it is in operation; the spindle rotation is light; the distance between the parts to be small; the installation of the parts to be accurate (the parameters of the reference Point is correct); through line and the hole to be smooth; the following are some of the more common reasons for thread break:
  a) the smoothness of the needle is not enough, the polishing of needle groove and pinhole  are not good,the needlepoint is blunt
  b) the needle is bent, or the installation is not in place;
  c) the mounting angle of the needle is not correct, the trunking is not in front, the left or right is too much, or the trunking is on the back;
  d) there are attachments (such as glue) in the pinhole;
  e) the position of Needle clamp screw  is not correctit should be in the positive side of the right about 40 degrees;
  a) the quality of line is poor , strength is not enough, too hard, too brittle, too many lines on the link;
  b) rotate not correctlyuse the left line;
  c) the tension of the line is too big