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sequin machine

  • Computerized Sequin Embroidery Machine 2 Head

    Computerized Sequin Embroidery Machine 2 HeadComputerized Sequin Embroidery machine 2 head Suitble for cap, t-shirts, finished garment, jacket, leather clothes, bag, shoes, bead, sequin, cording, chenille, boring, flat embroidery. 2 head cap embroidery machine with 15/12 needles for sale. Contact: Ms Ellen Whatsapp: 008613249433095 Machine...

  • Single Head Sequin Embroidery Machine

    Single Head Sequin Embroidery MachineSingle Head Sequin Embroidery Machine To meet customer’s demands, WONYO has added sequin device to the embroidery machine. Now the embroidery machine is suitable for not only cap, tshirt, flat embroidery but also sequin embroidery, which means this single head embroidery machine has at least 4...

  • 2 Head Sequin Embroidery Machine

    2 Head Sequin Embroidery Machine2 Head Sequin Embroidery Machine Want to make the machine run faster and be with more consistent stitching? 2 heads embroidery machine with sequin device will be a smart choice. It will be very easily to change from cap embroidery to tshirt embroidery, and then from tshirt embroidery to flat...