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New Computer Photo Printing Embroidery Machine Q401

New Computer Photo Printing Embroidery Machine Q401

New computer Photo Printing Embroidery Machine Q401

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New computer Photo Printing Embroidery Machine Q401

2 head 9 needles desktop Embroidery machine; 2 head Compact Photo Printing embroidery machine; New Computer Photo Printing embroidery machine; Whatsapp: 008613249433095(MS Ellen Yang); New Small Embroidery machine 2 head; which can do Cap, T shirt and Flat Embroidery machine, as well as Patch embroidery, belt embroidery, towl embroidery, Bag embroidery...

2 head machine Part Included --500*400/1000spm
11PcsDrive block
41PcsUnder the needle bar spring
51PcsThe needle bar spring
62PcsBobbin case
74PcsThe bobbin
81pcsThe check point
91pcsTop dead center
101setThe needle clamp, the clamp screws
111setNeedle bar, needle bar screws
121PcsStarting from an electromagnet
141PcsPresser foot
151PcsU disk
161PcsThe bottom line test plate
171PcsThe nose plate
181PcsThe nose wire
191PcsBuckle line electromagnet
201pcsAdjustable spanner 150-19
21setAllen wrench
221pcsPhillips screwdriver
231pcsA screwdriver
241pcsLong nose pliers
251pcsThe spindle socket wrench
264setRound embroidered box - 90
274setRound embroidered box - 120
284setRound embroidered box - 150
294setRound embroidered box - 200
304setEmbroidered box 290 x290
311pcsFlat embroidery frame
326pcsMaterial clip - 200
334pcsMaterial clip - 300
342setsGarment connection plate containing stretched
351setHat a
361PcsWinding machine
371setBefore the bedplate
381PcsOil can
394PcsHat band
401pcsOperating instructions
424pcsPositioning hook screw
434pcsDust-proof plate screw
444pcsLong hook plate screw
454pcsThe needle board screw
462pcsNeedle plate
4830pcsM6 flat gasket
4930pcsM6 spring gasket
504pcsshock pad

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