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High Speed Single Head 15 Needles Computerized Embroidery Machine

High Speed Single Head 15 Needles Computerized Embroidery Machine

Single Head, 15 needles, Embroidery Speed: 1200RPM, Embroidery Area: 510*360mm. Suitable for Cap/ T-shirt/ Flat/ Garment/ Jacket/ Leather/ 3D Embroidery. Warranty: 3 years for whole machine, 5 years for control system, lifetime maintaining (Except for consumable parts and human damage)


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Main Specifications of Single Head Embroidery Machine.png

2. Control System (8”High Definition LCD Touch Screen System)

Control Panel 8 inch.jpg

A. Color LCD display showing real time stitching 
B. Manual, Semi-auto, Auto Color Change 
C. Function keys including Menu, Speed up and slow 
D. Multi languages available 
E. Frame-moving keys, Manual Trimming 
F. DOT ket to return to 100 degree 
G. Start, Stop, and emergency Stop 
H. Embroidery Status (Page Up/Page Down), USB Input, 
I. Parameter Settings, Clear, ESC, Enter, etc. 
J. Numeric keys for selection of needles

Control System specificaitons.png

embroidery frames .jpg

Package of Embroidery Machine.png

Package Size of Embroidery Machine.png

T-shirt Embroidery and Cap Embroidery Pictures for your reference.

Single Head 15 needles Embroidery Machine with 8 inch touch screen.jpgsingle head cap embroidery machine.jpg

Optional for Large embroidery area 360*1200mm, 500* 800mm & 500*1200mm

Single head with large emb. area 1.jpg217701794427369679.jpgsingle head embroidery machine with large embroidery area.jpg

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Christina wish you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2018! 

May peace, happiness and good fortune be with you always! 

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Warmly welcome Susan Miller sell our machine in USA under the name of 

"Stitching with Faith"

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